Pair of large, deep-sea swim fins, which should fit Men's 11-13 size foot. They were from a family friend and seem to be missing the heel strap. Picture shows 1 fin for reference.
This old-fashioned alarm clock is perfect if you travel somewhere without electricity as it is purely manual. It winds up & bell rings for the alarm set time. It's old but I tried it today & still works. Smaller than the palm of my hand. See pictures.
This brass door-knocker has a lion / goblin-face that seems straight out of that movie Labyrinth. Never used by me.
Silver & gold-colored seiko watch. I think it cost around 200$ when I got it (many years ago). Needs a new battery (and maybe a polish). Elastic-type band, should fit small-medium men's wrist or large women's wrist. See picture.
I bought this to use for a peacock light with EU plug, but the light since broke & I have no need of this converter. Just to be clear, this converter plugs into a normal US outlet (e.g., for EU hairdryer or similar).
This blanket is old but in good condition (clean, no tears, no stains), mid-weight and suited for queen-size bed. I'm getting rid of it because I have too many blankets/comforters. Color is a soft, muddy green (not quite army green).
For a few models including Sunshine Kids Radian XT, and Diono Radian RXT. Used but in good condition. Pls contact for further details.
Dark cherry stain, unknown wood type; came with the old Victorian house I grew up in and has been lovingly maintained ever since. The joints in the legs of the chairs and the table need reinforcement, there is a minor split in the wood of one of the chair backs, and the chair seats could use reupholstering. This would be a fairly easy refurbish for someone with the time and space. A new felt-pa...
Small dehumidifier. Worked great in our old one bedroom apartment but not so much now in our large basement.
White wire shoe stand with 3-4 flat shelves. It is about 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide (not sure of exact measurements). Great for tall boots, or could use for non-shoe storage. It doesn't fit in our new closet. May need hammer if you want to change heights. See picture.
Large Tarp approximately 16 x 34 feet. It was used for several seasons as an unground pool cover until some wear occurred around the edge in a few places. Besides being slightly frayed it is still useful for landscaping or other uses. The woven edges at the damaged area will need to be folded or mended to prevent threads of tarp coming off.
About a dozen miniblinds, 29 3/4" with most of the hardware. Some clean, some need cleaning.
In excellent shape. Turns into a comfortable double bed. Light wood frame. Blue cover. Also original cream cover.
I inherited a PVC pipe homemade ballet / barre bar for stretching, etc. It's maybe 5 ft long by 3.5 ft tall. This is assembled from individual pipe pieces & easily fits into any car for transport. See attached picture.
I have 3 bowling alley stools I had made into counter-height stools. All are green (painted) seats with silver-colored stem & dark blue wooden circular bases. All 3 chairs swivel, one is a little wobbly (not the stand, just the seat fixture, maybe could be tightened). See picture.